Don’t be scared of being confused.

*logged in my wordpress account*

*check todays prompt*

*start talking to myself*

“oh! confused! Nice prompt. I can easily write on this. After all, it’s a feeling that I encounter everyday.”

“So, what should I write? … I can write about how confusion gives us new ideas. Hmm.. or maybe I can write about how confusion cause frustration. Or maybe something else…. BANG! now I am confused.”


So, this was my reaction towards todays prompt. And not only to this prompt, this is my reaction in almost every situation. I am always confused. I remember when I passed my 10th grade. That time I was confused whether I should opt for science or arts. And if science, whether maths or biology. I was so much confused at that time that I ended up with taking maths and biology both. Yes! I am not joking. I took both of them because I couldn’t decide what is better. After 2 years, I passed my 12th grade. Then again come the time of confusion, engineering or medicine. And you know what, I never wanted to become a doctor nor I was interested in pursuing engineering. I took science because I found it interesting. However, in class 12th I discovered my interest in botany. So this time, I faced less confusion. And now I am doing Botany Hons. And I am really enjoying it!

In my life I have learnt that confusion is something that we cannot escape. It is never like someone will come and tell you what to do. At one point of time or another, we always come across some situation where we face a dilemma. Don’t think about it too much. Take life as it comes.

Always remember, “If you are confused, you’ll get the answer”. Just give yourself time and you’ll find the way.

[P.S.: While I was writing this, all the time I was confused whether I should write this or tell how confused, I was yesterday when I publish my first post. Like, which font should I use, how should I write, what should I write, etc. I think I can get my name written in the Guiness world record book for being the most confused person on the earth. LOL.]



4 thoughts on “Don’t be scared of being confused.

  1. An honest reflection on confusion and I think being confused every day is a great thing. Why should you ever not have something to wonder and imagine and learn? Great post and congratulations on starting your blog. Good luck and keep writing.


    1. Exactly! Confusion is something that help us to expand our horizon and take our imagination to next level.
      I am glad you like it. Thank you for the wishes. 🙂


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