Chand pe bhi daag hote he| It’s all about perception!

There is a proverb in Hindi language, ” Chand pe bhi daag hote he”. It means even moon has got spots. This proverb signifies that nothing is flawless. Even the moon which from earth look all smooth has got mountains and rough surface. I use this proverb a lot! But in a different context. I have a birthmark on my face. Half of my right cheek is covered by it. Whenever someone meets me for first time their first question is what’s that on your face. Did I burn my cheek. Then I tell them that it’s my birthmark. And their reaction is like, “Oh! Did you consult any doctor regarding removing it? Do you apply any cream or something on it?”. And every time my answer is “No”. Then come their concern and pity. To this my reply is something like this ( And always like this!), “Arey, you must have heard that Chand pe bhi daag hote he, and my birthmarks proves that! I am beautiful like moon that’s why God gave me this mark”. And after hearing this, there is a smile on every face around me. However, mine is the biggest one.

So, moral of the blog this time is that we all have something that everyone point out. And some of us, like me, have something that every one show pity for. And I’ve seen some people who takes these comments to their heart and when other show pity they get angry. I want to tell them ‘ Don’t be angry’. Instead show them how happy you are being like you. Show them that you love being different and adore yourself like that.

Life is not bad or good, it’s how you look at it.

It’s all about perception!



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