I remember when I was a kid, every morning as I woke up, I used to stand up on my bed and pretend as if I am holding a magic wand. Then I move my hand in such a way as if casting a spell and say something like ‘Abra ka dabra’ or any other spell that I’ve learnt from cartoons. And if you are wondering why did I do so, the answer is because of the ventilator in my room. Every morning when I wake up the first thing that I see was dust mote. I used to think that it is magical dust and only my Eyes could see it. I used to think that I have magical powers.  Why I am saying used to, I still believe I have magical power, I just haven’t discovered them yet.

When I was 7 years old or maybe 8, I watched a movie called ‘Halloween Town’. In that movie, Marnies’ grandmother told Marnies’ mother that if Marnie won’t use her magical power before she turns 13, she’ll lose her magical power. And that think got stuck in my brain. That I have to discover my magical power before I turn 13 otherwise I’ll lose it. I tried every magical spell. But they never worked and I turned 13. And by the way, Marnie is the name of protagonist of this movie. But I wasn’t sad about that because at that time I saw another movie ‘Twitches’. In that movie, the twin sister discovered their magical power at the age of 17. So, I set a new deadline. I tried many things. Sometimes I used to stare things, thinking of moving them. Yes, you can laugh, I know this sounds stupid, but I really wanted that to happen. Years passed, and I turned 17. And I didn’t discover my magical powers. Was I sad? NO! Thanks to another movie which rescheduled my deadline to 19. I am still trying to find my magical powers. I am still waiting for that moment. I know this sounds stupid but I just can’t stop believing in magic.


And by the way, my new deadline is 23 days away, I’ll let you all know on that day if I discovered something or not. 😛



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