Clumsy me.

*Morning 5:30*

*Alarm rings*

Me: *Opens an eye, look around**start talking to myself*. Oh! It’s so dark. I think it’s too early to leave. I’ll get up after 15 minutes.

Me: *Click somewhere on my mobile screen to put alarm on snooze*

*Alarm rings again*

Me: *Opens an eye**look at mobile screen* ..:45 am. *look around* *sees sun rays coming from the window* *start talking to myself* Wow!  It only takes 15 minutes for pitch dark room to be filled with morning sunlight.

I feel like I’ve been sleeping for an hour or so. I think this 15 minute nap was my morning power nap. LOL. But it’s weird, it’s too bright for 5:40 am. Well, I should get up, otherwise I’ll be late.

*slowly crawl out of my bed and walks towards washroom* .. *STOPS* Oh my God! Wait a second! *runs back towards my mobile phone and check the time* 6:45 am!

*Start running here and there, getting ready as fast as I could while crying why I am so Clumsy*


This incident happened just a day ago, when I was coming home from the hostel (as my mid semester break started. YAY! ). I had to leave from the hostel at 7:00 am to reach the bus station at 7:30 am. When I woke up at 5:30 am and clicked “somewhere” on mobile click, instead of snooze I dismissed the alarm. And the next alarm was my regular alarm. I thought it was 5:40, and didn’t bother to check whether it was 5:40 or 6:40 am. And ended up getting late for my bus. ( But I got the bus, the bus started late). And it’s not the first time I acted so clumsily and ended up racing to reach my destination. And everyone scolds me for acting like this.

But I like being clumsy. I like making mistakes and learning. I like running at the end time to get the things right. I like that rush. And when the thing is done, I like giving that “Like a boss” look. 😛



It’s NOT Complicated!

Just a few days back, I was pushing my friend to attend the audition of the literary society of our college. She loves writing, and was interested in joining such society from first year, but by the time she come to know about this society the registration had already been closed. This time, in second year, we (me and my 2 friends) reminded her to fill the registration form of that society. She said she’ll fill the form later.But we forced her to fill the form that very day. Then she told us that she is not sure if she will be able to qualify for the society and she don’t want to embarrass herself in front of everyone. I told her that she should at least fill the form and can think about it later if she want to attend the 3 day workshop cum audition or not. She filled up the form and submitted it.

A week later, we were leaving from college for our home when we come to know about the audition of that society. I asked her if she is going to attend it or not. She said that she knows she can’t speak in front of so many people.I told her that she don’t need to worry about it, that I know she can do it. Then she told me that she knows that she is good at writing stuff, but when it comes to presenting her ideas in front of everyone she find it difficult to put her thought in words.She said that every time she try to speak, everything gets complicated, that she is not able to find words and goes blank. I knew she wanted to join the society so badly. I literally forced her to attend the 1st day of audition. I told her that it is only she who is making it complicated by thinking about it too much, by thinking about what everyone else would think about it. I told her that whole life we worry about what others think of us and complicate our lives so much, and in the end, we‘ll realize that no one was actually thinking about us. It’s all about what “we think”. Then she agreed to attend the audition. It went okay. Then she attended the second day, it went well. And 4 days back, she went for the interview round and it went awesome! Results are yet to be announced, but she is really happy that at least she tried. She thanked us for helping her to push her boundaries. [P.S.: I forgot to mention that on first day of audition before going for audition she told me she hates me for forcing her.]


Life is not complicated. It is just us, who makes it complicated. 

Remember that, “There is no existence without perception.”