It all started when we could not come any closer,

With every second heat building in the surrounding,

When it became impossible to contain ourselves within the confined space,


With all the energy that we could not handle anymore,

We were pulled apart,

So far so we could not meet again,


When all of this started 

Everything appeared opaque,

As if nothing would survive the impact,


But what we forgot was that 

We started with nothing,

And so we had nothing to lose


With a grain distance between us, a spark began expanding,

Slowly, gradually, then suddenly,

It was all light and finally we escaped the eternity


And now from far it looks still,

Nothing pulling us apart anymore

We stand on the opposite end of the bridge,


Now as it began to cool down and developed gravity,

I hope we find each other

Before we again enter tranquility.

A Dream

I don’t remember exactly how it began. I found myself standing in front of my hostel room with all my thoughts disorganized. Shaking my head I tried to clear off whatever crap was filled in my head. I grabbed the knob of my door, turned it over and entered my room.

What I saw in front of me took me by surprise. He was sitting on my bed looking out of the window wearing his black coat. The only coat of his that I am familiar with. I could feel my blood rushing through my veins, as if all the biochemicals had been simultaneously poured into my bloodstream. “It has to be a dream” I uttered, almost involuntarily. But it was too real to be a dream. I could see the sunlight pouring in through the window and feel its warmth as it kissed my feet. I moved forward and sat beside him. He turned towards me and smiled. A smile so beautiful, so mesmerising, I could not make my eyes blink. I grabbed his arm and rested my head on his shoulder. At that moment the air around me started to feel all the more different. For the first time in many years I felt like I am finally at home. At peace. With my head on his shoulder I felt like I was on the ninth cloud. I was so happy, so happy. That’s when everything started to become blurry. 

Slowly I gained my senses and it turned out to be a dream. 

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My most memorable ovation.

I’ve always been an introvert and a bookworm. Performing something and getting an ovation is a very rare event for me. If I remember correctly, my first and the only time I performed in front of a huge crowd was when I was 11 years old. It was a Kathak dance performance. Then I received a standing ovation from the audience. It was actually “we” who received an ovation. It was a group performance and I chose the corner most position on the stage, so that I am less visible to the audience. Definitely not one of my best memories.

The most memorable ovation that I received would be when I was 7 or 8 years old. That year during summer vacation my brother started teaching me how to ride a bicycle. The first day I was really scared of falling, but with the help of my brother I didn’t fall off the bicycle. Well, at least on the first day. Then it became a routine, we would go to the playground and practice for an hour or two. I fell from the bike many times. Every time I fell, I used to get angry and tell my brother that I can walk and there is no need to learn riding a bicycle.Then he used to tell me that I should not give up so easily, that we should always finish what we have started. He used to say that if you don’t get your knee hurt while learning how to ride a bicycle, then you don’t really know how to ride it perfectly. To cheer me up, he sometimes gave me chocolates and candies.

I finally learned how to handle that two wheel monster. That day I returned home riding on my bike, with my brother chasing me. When we reached home, I called my mom outside to show off my newly acquired skill. It was then I received my most memorable ovation, my mother and brother being the audience. Their smile being my trophy.


Almost at the end.

Wow! It’s already December. Christmas is almost here and we are just three weeks away from the new year.

I remember how this year started. I was on the terrace, busy in wishing everyone new year eve while watching paper lanterns race in the sky. Just like every year, I promised myself that I’ll study from the starting of semester and I failed to do so. AGAIN. Just now I was dancing and enjoying in Feb fest with my friends.

I remember joining WordPress and writing my first blog. Writing all the stupid stuff that come up in my mind reading the prompt. *Still doing the same*

Just two weeks back I had my final exam. I remember studying till 3:00 am, saving every second and working hard. And now wasting (and enjoying) my time as much as possible.

Time flew away like this.

Another round around the earth almost completed and about to begin a new.


Clumsy me.

*Morning 5:30*

*Alarm rings*

Me: *With one eye open I looked around* *started talking to myself*. Oh! It’s so dark. I think it’s too early to leave. I’ll get up after 15 minutes.

Me: *Click somewhere on my mobile screen to put alarm on snooze*

*Alarm rings again*

Me: *With one eye open I checked my mobile * ..:45 am. *looked around* *saw sun rays coming from the window* *started talking to myself* Wow!  It only takes 15 minutes for pitch dark room to be filled with morning sunlight.

I feel like I’ve been sleeping for an hour or so. I think this 15 minute nap was my morning power nap. LOL. But it’s weird, it’s too bright for 5:45 am. Well, I should get up, otherwise I’ll be late.

*slowly crawled out of my bed and walked towards washroom* .. *GASP* Oh my God! Wait a second! 6:45 am!

*Started running here and there, getting ready as fast as I could while crying why I am so Clumsy*


This incident happened just a day ago, when I was going home from the hostel (as my mid semester break started. YAY! ). I had to leave from the hostel at 7:00 am to reach the bus station at 7:30 am. When I woke up at 5:30 am and clicked “somewhere” on mobile click, instead of snooze I dismissed the alarm. And the next alarm was my regular alarm. I thought it was 5:40, and didn’t bother to check whether it was 5:40 or 6:40 am. And ended up getting late for my bus. ( But I got the bus, the bus started late). And it’s not the first time I acted so clumsily and ended up racing to reach my destination. And everyone scolds me for acting like this.

But I like being clumsy. I like making mistakes and learning. I like running at the end time to get the things right. I like that rush. And when the thing is done, I like giving that “Like a boss” look. 😛


An Endless chase.

Six months back, my brother owned a windows phone. When he purchased it, he was really happy. It had large screen and good camera quality. He was satisfied with it. Then a new phone came up in the market. And suddenly, he realized that his phone is not good enough. So, he sold his phone and bought this new phone. After using it for a month, he was not satisfied with its performance. He ended up with the line, “I wish I hadn’t sold my windows phone”. Actually, it was not like that his old phone wasn’t good enough when my brother sold it, but he wanted to buy the new mobile. It is funny that when we have something, we don’t really care about it. But once that thing is gone, suddenly we realize its worth.

And the same thing is applicable on our view about age. This year, on 23 July, my friend turned 20. While we were chatting, she told me that it was her dream to not to be called a teenager. And finally that she is 20, she is no more a teenager. She was really happy about it. And just now, I was reading some post about youth where the author talked about how much he envy the youth. That the youth have enough time to do whatever they want to do which now the author don’t have.

When we are young, we don’t really enjoy it to the fullest because at that time we want to grow old and enjoy a settled life. But as we grow old, we don’t enjoy that time of life because we are too busy remembering about how carefree life was back then we were young. We always chase the things we don’t have. And this chase is endless and we often end up in gloominess.

We should not regret about the thing we don’t have. Instead, we should enjoy our life as it is, with what we have. Be grateful for everything you have.


I remember when I was a kid, every morning I used to stand up on my bed and pretend as if I am holding a magic wand. Then I used to move my hand in such a way as if casting a spell and say something like ‘Abra ka dabra’ or any other spell that I’ve learnt from cartoons. And if you are wondering why did I do so, the answer is because of the ventilator in my room. Every morning the first thing that I used to see was dust mote. I used to think that it is magical dust and only my Eyes could see it. I used to think that I have magical powers.  Well not used to, I still believe I have magical power, I just haven’t discovered them yet.

When I was 7 years old or maybe 8, I watched a movie called ‘Halloween Town’. In that movie, Marnies’ grandmother told Marnies’ mother that if Marnie won’t use her magical power before she turns 13, she’ll lose her magical power. And that think got stuck in my brain. That I have to discover my magical power before I turn 13 otherwise I’ll lose it. I tried every magical spell. But they never worked and I turned 13. And by the way, Marnie is the name of protagonist of this movie. But I wasn’t sad about that because at that time I saw another movie ‘Twitches’. In that movie, the twin sisters discovered their magical power at the age of 17. So, I set a new deadline. I tried many things. Sometimes I used to stare things, thinking of moving them. Yes, you can laugh, I know this sounds stupid, but I really wanted that to happen. Years passed, and I turned 17. And I couldn’t discover my magical powers. Was I sad? NO! Thanks to another movie which rescheduled my deadline to 19. I am still trying to find my magical powers. I am still waiting for that moment. I know this sounds stupid but I just can’t stop believing in magic.


And by the way, my new deadline is 23 days away, I’ll let you all know on that day if I discovered something or not. 😛


Chand pe bhi daag hote he| It’s all about perception!

There is a proverb in Hindi language, ” Chand pe bhi daag hote he”. It means even moon has spots on it. This proverb signifies that nothing is flawless. Even the moon which from earth looks all smooth has got mountains and rough surface. I use this proverb a lot! But in a different context. I have a birthmark on my face. Half of my right cheek is covered by it. Whenever someone meets me for first time their first question is “What’s that on your face? Did you burn your cheek?” Then I tell them that it’s my birthmark. And their reaction is like, “Oh! Did you consult any doctor? Do you apply any cream or something to get rid of it?”. And every time my answer is “No”. Then come their concern and pity. To this my reply is something like this ( And always like this!), “Arey, you must have heard that Chand pe bhi daag hote he, and my birthmarks proves that! I am beautiful like moon that’s why God gave me this mark”. And after hearing this, there is a smile on every face around me. However, mine is the biggest one.

So, moral of the blog this time is that we all have something that everyone point out. And some of us, like me, have something that every one show pity for. And I’ve seen some people who takes these comments to their heart and when other show pity they get angry. I want to tell them ‘ Don’t be angry’. Instead show them how happy you are being like you. Show them that you love being different and adore yourself like that.

Life is not bad or good, it’s how you look at it.

It’s all about perception!


Behind me.

I still remember that awful day when all this started. I was always fond of paranormal stuffs. I loved horror movies. That day I just finished reading a novel called “Pastlife”. In that novel, the protagonist wants to find the reason behind the unusual events taking place in her life. Someone told her that contacting her dead grandparents might help. So, she bought an Ouija board and called the spirit of her grandparents. They told her that answer to her questions lies in her past life. Then she went to a hypnotist and took a journey to her past life and find everything that she wanted to know. I was fascinated by the idea of taking a journey to the past life. I searched about it the whole morning. Like how can I do it myself, what are the things required, etc. It was all about meditation and focusing.

After reading all that, I went to try this method. I followed every step that I’ve read. I closed all the curtain of my room and turned off the light. I sat on a chair in my room. I started to meditate. I imagined that I am surrounded by a white light, that is going to protect me from negative energy. Then I imaged a hallway, at the end of which there was a door. I started moving forward. As I imagined moving towards the door, someone knocked on the door of my room. And all of a sudden, everything went blank. I opened my eyes and saw my sister was standing at the door. I started scolding her that she disturbed me in the middle of something. She asked me what I was doing and I told her. After listening to me she bursted into laughter. She told me that there is no such thing as past life and asked me to join her in shopping. I knew that I can’t convince her so went with her for shopping. We came back really late. I went straight into my bed and within five minutes I fell asleep. I was sleeping peacefully. Then suddenly I felt grip on my neck. As if someone was trying to choke me. I tried to open my eyes but was unable to do so. I tried shouting but my lips didn’t move. It felt like my whole body was paralysed. I was petrified. I start repeating the name of God in my head. After sometime I felt the grip losing up and I opened my eyes. As I moved my eyes, I saw a figure departing from my room. “What was that?” I asked myself. “Was it a ghost?”. I was so scared to move, to scream or to do any thing. That whole night I couldn’t sleep. I was lying on my bed as stiff as a dead body.

Next morning, I told my mom everything that happened with me last night. She said that it was all my imagination, that I’ve been watching too much of horror movies.

Now, a year have passed since that incident. Nothing like that ever happened again. But sometime I feel that something is behind me. Staring at me. And I know that it’s not my imagination.