Behind me.

I still remember that awful day when all this started. I was always fond of paranormal stuffs. I loved horror movies and scary novels. That day I just finished reading a novel called “Pastlife”. In that novel, the protagonist want to find the reason behind the unusual events taking place in her life. Someone told her that contacting her dead grandparents or great grand parents might help. So, she call the spirits of her grandparents and talk to them with the help of Ouija board. They told her that answers to her questions lies in her past life. Then she went to a hypnotist and took a journey to her past life and find everything that she wanted to know. I was fascinated by the idea of taking a journey in past life. I searched about it the whole morning. Like how can I do it myself, what are the things required, etc. It was all about meditation and focusing.

After reading all that, I went to try this method. I followed every step that I’ve read. I closed all the curtain of my room and turn off the light. I set on a chair in my room. I start meditating. I imagined that I am surrounded by a white light, that is going to protect me from every negative energy. Then I imaged a hallway, at the end of which there was a door. I started moving forward. As I imagined moving towards the door, someone knocked on the door of my room. And all of a sudden, everything went blank. I opened my eyes and saw my sister was stand at the door. I started scolding her that she disturbed me in the middle of something. She asked me what I was doing and I told her. After listening to me she burst into laughter. She told me that there is no such thing as past life and asked me to join her in shopping. I knew that I can’t convince her regarding it and went with her for shopping. We came back really late. I went straight into my bed and within five I was sleeping. I was sleeping peacefully. Then suddenly I felt grip on my neck. As if someone was trying to choke me. I tried opening my eyes but was unable to do so. I tried shouting but my lips didn’t move. It felt like as if my whole body was paralysed. I was petrified. I start repeating the name of God in my head. After sometime I felt the grip losing up and I opened my eyes. As I moved my eyes, I saw a figure departing from my room. “What was that?” I asked myself. “Was it a ghost?”. I was so scared to move, to scream or to do any thing. Whole night I didn’t sleep. I was lying on my bed as stiff as a dead body.

Next morning, I told my mom everything that happened with me last night. She said that it was all my imagination, that I’ve been watching too much of horror movies.

Now, a year have passed since this incident. Nothing like that ever happened again. But sometime I feel that something is behind me. Staring me. And I know that it’s not my imagination.