Almost at the end.

Wow! It’s already December. Christmas is almost here and we are just three weeks away from new year.

I remember standing on the terrace and wishing everyone new year eve while watching paper lanterns race in the sky. I remember how this year also, just like every year, I promised myself that I’ll study from the starting of the semester and fail to do so. AGAIN. Just now I was dancing and enjoying in Feb fest with my friends.

I remember joining WordPress and writing my first blog. Writing all the stupid stuff that come up in my mind reading the prompt. *Still doing the same*

Just two weeks back I had my final exam. I remember studying till 3:00 am, saving every second and working hard. And now wasting (and enjoying) my time as much as possible.

Time flew away like this.

Another round around the earth almost completed and about to begin a new.