My most memorable ovation.

I’ve always been an introvert and a bookworm. Performing something or some act and getting an ovation is very rare event for me. If I remember correctly, my first and only time I got to the stage was for performing Kathak dance. Then I received a standing ovation from the audience. It was actually “we” received an ovation, or more accurately we without me. I prefered the corner position on the stage, so I am less visible to the audience. Not one of my best memories.

The best ovation that I received is when I was 7 or 8 years old. That year during summer vacation my brother starts teaching me how to ride bicycle. The first day I was really scared of falling, but with the help of my brother, I didn’t fall off, at least on the first day. We used to go to the playground and my daily practiced riding bike. I fell from bike many times. Every time I fell, I used to get angry and say to my brother that I can wake, and there is no need to learn riding a bike.Then he used to tell me that I should not give up so early, that we should always finish what we have started. He used to say that if you didn’t get your knee hurt while learning bike riding, you don’t know how to ride it perfectly. To cheer me up, he sometimes gave me chocolates and candies. After practicing daily, I finally learned how to handle that two wheel monster.

By the end of the summer, I was able to ride bike on my own. That day, I returned home, riding on my bike, with my brother chasing me behind. When we reached home, I called my mom outside to show off my newly acquired skill. It was then I received my best ovation, my mother and brother being the audience. Their smiles being my trophy.



Almost at the end.

Wow! It’s already December. Christmas is almost here and we are just three weeks away from new year.

I remember standing on the terrace and wishing everyone new year eve while watching paper lanterns race in the sky. I remember how this year also, just like every year, I promised myself that I’ll study from the starting of the semester and fail to do so. AGAIN. Just now I was dancing and enjoying in Feb fest with my friends.

I remember joining WordPress and writing my first blog. Writing all the stupid stuff that come up in my mind reading the prompt. *Still doing the same*

Just two weeks back I had my final exam. I remember studying till 3:00 am, saving every second and working hard. And now wasting (and enjoying) my time as much as possible.

Time flew away like this.

Another round around the earth almost completed and about to begin a new.


An Endless chase.

Six months back, my brother owned a windows phone. When he purchased it, he was really happy. It had large screen and good camera quality. He was satisfied with it. Then a new phone came up in the market. And suddenly, he realized that his phone is not good enough. So, he sold his phone and bought a this new phone. After using it for a month, he was not satisfied with its performance. He ended up with the line, “I wish I hadn’t sold my windows phone”. Actually, it was not like that the phone wasn’t good enough when my brother sold it, but he wanted to buy the new mobile. It is funny that when we have something, we don’t really care about it. But once that thing is gone, suddenly we realize its worth.

And same thing is application on our view about age. This year, on 23 July, my friend turned 20. While we were chatting, she told me that it was her dream to not to be called a teenager. And finally, that she is 20, she is no more a teenager. She was really happy about it. And just now, I was reading some post about youth. And I found a post where the author has written about how much he envy the youth. That the youth have enough time to do what they want to do which author don’t have.

When we are young, we don’t really enjoy it to the fullest because at that time that we want to grow old and enjoy a settled life. But as we grow old, we don’t enjoy that time of life because we are too busy remembering about how carefree life was back then we were young. We always chase the thing we don’t have. And this chase is endless and we often end up in gloominess.

We should not regret about the thing we don’t have. Instead, we should enjoy our life as it is, with what we have. Be grateful for everything you have.

Chand pe bhi daag hote he| It’s all about perception!

There is a proverb in Hindi language, ” Chand pe bhi daag hote he”. It means even moon has got spots. This proverb signifies that nothing is flawless. Even the moon which from earth look all smooth has got mountains and rough surface. I use this proverb a lot! But in a different context. I have a birthmark on my face. Half of my right cheek is covered by it. Whenever someone meets me for first time their first question is what’s that on your face. Did I burn my cheek. Then I tell them that it’s my birthmark. And their reaction is like, “Oh! Did you consult any doctor regarding removing it? Do you apply any cream or something on it?”. And every time my answer is “No”. Then come their concern and pity. To this my reply is something like this ( And always like this!), “Arey, you must have heard that Chand pe bhi daag hote he, and my birthmarks proves that! I am beautiful like moon that’s why God gave me this mark”. And after hearing this, there is a smile on every face around me. However, mine is the biggest one.

So, moral of the blog this time is that we all have something that everyone point out. And some of us, like me, have something that every one show pity for. And I’ve seen some people who takes these comments to their heart and when other show pity they get angry. I want to tell them ‘ Don’t be angry’. Instead show them how happy you are being like you. Show them that you love being different and adore yourself like that.

Life is not bad or good, it’s how you look at it.

It’s all about perception!


Carry on!

Imagine you are standing in front of a tunnel. This tunnel is life. The tunnel is completely dark. All you can see is darkness all around except at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a small point of light. This small point is your goal. You know that at the end of this tunnel lies a beautiful world. A world which have everything you always wanted, so you start moving forward. One day passed, all you can see is just a small spike of light but you don’t stop because you know a wonderful world awaits there at the end of this tunnel. You keep on moving. Three weeks passed, still just a small spike of light, nothing else. But you still keep on moving, because you have a wonderful picture in your head that keeps you motivating. One year passed, still a spike of light. It’s a bit brighter, but not that bright, not that big enough that can keep you motivated. Suddenly, you feel all confused. Your mind is full of doubts, whether you should keep moving and carry on doing what you have started or turn around.

At one point of time or other, all of us face this dilemma. Whether we should keep moving or turn around, to go back  to the place where everything is okay. At that point of time, don’t be scared, don’t give up and don’t turn around. Carry on what you’ve started. Take it this way, that if you go back, you’ll get to a place which is okay, “just okay”. Nothing more. And after all the hard work that you’ll do to go back, there will be nothing new, nothing wonderful. But if you put these efforts to more forward you’ll get closer to the end of the tunnel, where you know that there is something more, something wonderful.

P.S.: Taking life as a tunnel was not my idea. All credit goes to my friend Himadri. In all our stupid conversation, sometime we end up with wonderful ideas.


Don’t be scared of being confused.

*logged in my wordpress account*

*check todays prompt*

*start talking to myself*

“oh! confused! Nice prompt. I can easily write on this. After all, it’s a feeling that I encounter everyday.”

“So, what should I write? … I can write about how confusion gives us new ideas. Hmm.. or maybe I can write about how confusion cause frustration. Or maybe something else…. BANG! now I am confused.”


So, this was my reaction towards todays prompt. And not only to this prompt, this is my reaction in almost every situation. I am always confused. I remember when I passed my 10th grade. That time I was confused whether I should opt for science or arts. And if science, whether maths or biology. I was so much confused at that time that I ended up with taking maths and biology both. Yes! I am not joking. I took both of them because I couldn’t decide what is better. After 2 years, I passed my 12th grade. Then again come the time of confusion, engineering or medicine. And you know what, I never wanted to become a doctor nor I was interested in pursuing engineering. I took science because I found it interesting. However, in class 12th I discovered my interest in botany. So this time, I faced less confusion. And now I am doing Botany Hons. And I am really enjoying it!

In my life I have learnt that confusion is something that we cannot escape. It is never like someone will come and tell you what to do. At one point of time or another, we always come across some situation where we face a dilemma. Don’t think about it too much. Take life as it comes.

Always remember, “If you are confused, you’ll get the answer”. Just give yourself time and you’ll find the way.

[P.S.: While I was writing this, all the time I was confused whether I should write this or tell how confused, I was yesterday when I publish my first post. Like, which font should I use, how should I write, what should I write, etc. I think I can get my name written in the Guiness world record book for being the most confused person on the earth. LOL.]