Carry on!

Imagine you are standing in front of a tunnel. This tunnel is life. The tunnel is completely dark. All you can see is darkness all around except at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a small point of light. This small point is your goal. You know that at the end of this tunnel lies a beautiful world. A world which have everything you always wanted, so you start moving forward. One day passed, all you can see is just a small spike of light but you don’t stop because you know a wonderful world awaits there at the end of this tunnel. You keep on moving. Three weeks passed, still just a small spike of light, nothing else. But you still keep on moving, because you have a wonderful picture in your head that keeps you motivating. One year passed, still a spike of light. It’s a bit brighter, but not that bright, not that big enough that can keep you motivated. Suddenly, you feel all confused. Your mind is full of doubts, whether you should keep moving and carry on doing what you have started or turn around.

At one point of time or other, all of us face this dilemma. Whether we should keep moving or turn around, to go back  to the place where everything is okay. At that point of time, don’t be scared, don’t give up and don’t turn around. Carry on what you’ve started. Take it this way, that if you go back, you’ll get to a place which is okay, “just okay”. Nothing more. And after all the hard work that you’ll do to go back, there will be nothing new, nothing wonderful. But if you put these efforts to more forward you’ll get closer to the end of the tunnel, where you know that there is something more, something wonderful.

P.S.: Taking life as a tunnel was not my idea. All credit goes to my friend Himadri. In all our stupid conversation, sometime we end up with wonderful ideas.